10pcs Coffee Gift Box

Assorted Gift Box


10 coffeebrewers / 20 cups

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Here you get a great gift item for the coffee lover. This coffee gift box is the perfect gift for the upcoming reception, dinner party or birthday. The 10 different coffeebrewers will give you an introduction into our coffee assortment, and the opportunity to taste coffees from all over the world.
This box contains 10 single estate coffeebrewers with coffee from 5 different coffee farms: Colombia, Brazil*, Guatemala**, Honduras** and Ethiopia**. Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee / *Certified fairtrade product of the non-EU agriculture / **Certified organic and fairtrade product of the non-EU agriculture.

Additional Information

SKU A100956
Weight (kg) 0.4950
Brewing Temperature 95°C
Brewing Time 4-6 min
Reusable Yes


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