The Teabrewer
The Teabrewer
The design of the teabrewer makes it possible to pack natural and loose whole leaf tea with real fruit bits and dried vegetable pieces.
The Teabrewer - Inside Open Brewer
The Teabrewer - Infusion Effect Tests
Our filter technology allows the natural ingredients to unfurl and develop their full flavor.
The combination of super premium tea and a unique brewing technology results in infusions of another world compared to traditional teabags.
Quality and convenience
We offer the rich taste of super premium organic loose whole leaf tea brewed in a good old teapot with convenience of a teabag. All you need to do is add hot water.
The Teabrewer weighs around 20g., and is letter thin and can fit into any handbag.
Brew In The Bag
The Teabrewer - Brew In The Bag - Instructions
Click off cap, open & shape bag
Add hot water and close zipper
Brew 5 - 7 min
(mild - strong)
Serve & enjoy!
2 x 200 ml cups