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Our Tea
Our teas are super premium whole leaf infusion teas. Fruit teas contain real dried berries, fruits and vegetables and herbal teas contain real natural herbs, spices and vegetables. All of our teas and ingredients are 100% NATURAL & ORGANIC.
The Teabrewer - Our Tea Types The Teabrewer - Our Tea Types
The Difference
Have you ever opened a teabag and studied the content? Well, if you do, and you compare the tea up against ours, you will clearly see and feel a world of difference. In fact, you can eat our fruit tea as a healthy dried fruit snack! Without further words, just try and taste the difference!
The Teabrewer - The Difference
Choose your favourite from our range of 16 different teas.
Brew In The Bag
Teabrewer - Brew In The Bag - Open, Brew, Serve
1. Open
2. Brew
3. Serve
Teabrewer - Brew In The Bag - Reusable
Brew same tea up to 2-3 times
Empty & refill multiple times