Mini Desk Café (Tea)

Assorted Gift Box


15 teabrewers / 60 cups

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This gift box consists of 15 different teabrewers, which together will give you a tea experience like never before. This is the perfect gift item for tea lovers than want to explore our world of organic and whole leaf teabrewers.

* Earl Grey / Organic Black Tea
* Ginger and Lemon / Organic Herbal Tea
* Spicy Turmeric / Organic Herbal Tea
* Sweet Chamomile / Organic Herbal Tea
* Green Refreshment / Organic Green Tea
* Fruity Figs And Pineapple / Organic Fruit Tea
* Good Morning Quince / Organic Black Tea
* Red Berry Dream / Organic Green Tea
* Japanese Sencha / Organic Green Tea
* Sweet Sea Buckthorn / Organic Red Tea
* Cool Mint / Organic Herbal Tea
* Revitalising Treat / Organic Herbal Tea
* Lovely Liquorice / Organic Herbal Tea
* Tasty Berry / Organic Fruit Tea
* Fruity Passion / Organic Fruit Tea

Ingredients: Tea*, Apple Bits*, Ginger*, Citrus Peels*, Rose Hip Peels*, Lemongrass*, Hibiscus Flowers*, Citric Acid (Acidifier), Chamomile Blossoms*, Liquorice Root*, Peppermint*, Apple Components*, Natural Flavour, Grapes*, Cinnamon*, Spearmint*, Rose Petals*, Basil Leaves*, Cornflower Petals*, Turmeric Powder*, Cloves*, Cardamom Fruit*, Pepper*, Sunflower Leaves*, Marigold Petals*, Strawberry Bits*, Red Currants*, Rooibos*, Sea Buckthorn Berries*, Elderberries*, Sweet Fennel, Lime Fruit Bits*, Brazil Peppers*, Beetroot Bits*, Carrot Stripes*, Papaya Bits*, Pineapple Chips*, Blueberries* / *Certified organic product of the EU/non-EU agriculture

Additional Information

SKU A203030
Weight (kg) 0.5000
Brewing Temperature 100°C
Brewing Time 4-6 min
Reusable Yes


Amazing taste
Great idea and amazing taste! I love this design and carefully selected teas.


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